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Mondays Fall 2009 Singles Pool League

Valley National Eight Ball Association
Schedule Scores and Statistics Team Captains

Team Captains Contact Sheet: Monday Singles League
Team   Captain Phone

Break Room 1 Fun Bobbi Denny Noah 721-9363
Break Room 2 Girls Rule Rhonda Bekeris 241-9747
Break Room 3 Ben Nieuwsma 521-0992
Break Room 4 Average Joes Gary Gilbert 981-3688
If unavailable,
call Justin Lawrence
Green Gable 1 Hot Shots Abe Palmer 521-9410
Green Gable 2 Rich Hargens 310-5433
Green Gable 3 Blazin Trails John Jakobsen 329-0690
Green Gable 4 Evolution Steve Williams 202-6128
Hamburger Mary's 1 Chicks With Sticks Jessica Soukup 241-6584
Hamburger Mary's 2 Pin Ball Marty Gawel 981-3561
Miguel's 1 Rackerz Opal Williams 202-6128

Papa's Sports Bar 1 Big Papas

Geno Robertson 936-1539
Papa's Sports Bar 2 Team Stick Mark Stagg 331-0993
Westside 1 Randy Fisher 533-3343

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