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Make Money!our vending services + your public place = cash profits!Make Money!

We provide
coin-operated amusement devices and services to bars, restaurants, and other public places of business in Eastern Iowa.

If you are interested in vending services for your public place of business located in
Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, or the surrounding area, we would be honored to discuss the possibility of providing those services.

Steve Bray at 431-7856, or call Rod Hunt at 431-7857 to schedule an appointment for vending service consultation.

The proprietors of Amuse Me Games and Vending L.L.C. are proud to have been doing business successfully in Eastern Iowa since 1973.

The vending services and devices we can provide include:
  • Jukeboxes - MP3/Internet, CD, 45 r.p.m., 78 r.p.m.
  • Electronic Dart Boards and AMOA/NDA Sactioned Leagues
  • Coin Operated Pool Tables
  • Gambling Games
  • Pinball Games
  • Video Games
  • Foosball
And more!

We look forward to hearing from you.
You can also contact us by e-mail at pinballwizz@yahoo.com.