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See Also: AMOA - NDA Rules

Specifically Adopted Rules

Please note: Changes have been made to this document as of August 19th, 2009.
Please read this document as it directly affects you as a dart player!

  1. Handicapping - Any player with an established AmuseMeGames.com handicap will be using their avaerage from the approved sub list.  All new players will assume an average of 0.0 for ’01 and 0.0 for cricket. Unless an established average is supplied from another vendor.
  2. Subs -
    1. A sub may play for any team on a particular night provided they are not a member of a team on that particular night and may only be one level above the player they are subbing for. This can be determined by the official sub list (e.g a level 1 player may not sub for a level 3 player).   If you have any questions regarding this rule contact League Administrator at 431-9713 before the match begins.
    2. Subs that have played for AmuseMeGames.com will use their established AmuseMeGames.com sub list average.
    3. Subs that have not played for AmuseMeGames.com will use an average of 0.0 for ’01 and 0.0 for cricket. Unless an established average is supplied from another vendor.
  3. Forfeits - Forfeits and no shows will be handled in the following manner:
    1. If the opposition does not show by 15 minutes after start time, the Team Captain present will attempt to contact the absent Team Captain.
    2. If contact cannot be established and the absent team has not shown up by 30 minutes after start time, the present team may leave and contact the League Administrator at 431-9713.  The Adminiastrator will find out the circumstances and try to resolve the situation.  If game cannot be made up within two weeks, the original forfeit will be awarded.
    3. If a make up match cannot be resolved, the offended team will be awarded wins based on their current winning percentage for that league and the offending team will be awarded 0 wins. The teams involved will have their fees from that nights match deducted from their league ending payout..
    4. A team will be able to forfeit once in a session after the second forfeit you will not be able to play the rest of the session.


  4. Play dates - All matches will be played per scheduled date or within two weeks AFTER the date. Exceptions can only be granted by contacting the League Administrator. If an UNAUTHORIZED match is played, all games will be removed from the stats and the match will need to be made up at the players' expense.
  5. Sportsmanship - The following actions will constitute a violation of the Sportsmanship standards adopted by AmuseMeGames.com:
    1. Abuse of the dartboard (e.g. kicking the board, hitting the face of the board, moving the board from position, etc.)
    2. Abusive language towards other player (partners or opponents).
    3. Disruption of the flow of the game (e.g. walking in front of a player at the line, talking to an opponent at the line, etc.).
    4. Abusive use of cell phones.
    • First violation of these standards will warrant a written warning.
    • A second instance will cause a $25.00 fine.
    • A third instance will be addressed by the Board of Directors.
  6. Grievances - A grievance may be filed by using the form in the packet you received. It will cost $25.00 to file a grievance. After investigation by the Board of Directors the money will be returned if the grievance is valid. If invalid, the Dart League Coordinator will retain the money.
  7. Board Of Directors -
    1. The Board Of Directors will be elected by nomination from the current board.
    2. To be a board member you must be a current active player in AmuseMeGames.com dart leagues and not miss more than one meeting in the course of a year.
    3. To be a board member you must represent the league in a manner which helps to promote the league.

  8. Ties in League - Dues to the impact of ties in leagues and administrative decision has been made to do the following:
    1. The records for the head to head matches will be evaluated and the team with the higher ratio of wins will be awarded the higher league standing..
    2. If both teams had an equal amount of head to head wins, a playoff will determine the winner. The playoff will be a race to 6 wins in regular league format. There will be no league fees paid for this match.